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Designers, developers and managers often work with compressed timeframes and multiple projects simultaneously. A team must be able to respond quickly to feedback on their product from clients, project managers and developers. Each minor revision in the UI or UX needs to be reflected in the documentation, so that designers and developers always have the latest information. A style guide ensures that your project doesn’t encounter serious problems when you implement the initial design.

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For many small businesses, marketing and advertising is a huge problem
In order to grow, every company needs to acquire new customers and sustain the ones they have. This is particularly hard for many small business owners since they are usually afraid of sales and marketing. They are also bad at keeping their customers since they are so focused on getting new ones in the front door, the existing ones leave dissatisfied out the back door. Companies need to develop processes that attract, convert and retain customers if they are to be successful in the long run.
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Raycrea group provides all the support and expertise you need to transform the way you advertise.
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